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Transform your dear but now old printed menu into a new and more efficient digital version

Transform your dear but now old printed menu into a new and more efficient digital version

Your menu:
Always sparkling, fascinating, inviting and clean.

Your menu:
Always sparkling, fascinating, inviting and clean.

Enjoy the simplicity

Let your guests focus on your delicacies and not on the worries of touching a menu used and touched by everyone, perhaps even in poor condition, or worse still not updated.

How does it work:

1. A clean, fast and safe welcome

 Upon arrival, the customer finds a QR code on the table to be framed with the camera of their Smartphone or Tablet, the mobile phone will connect to the page of our digital menu.

He will not have to wait to receive the paper menu, he will see a super captivating menu, perhaps with photos and prices. He will be able to electronically browse your menu as he wishes, by categories for example.

2. All that remains is to order

At this point, your customer can, if you have chosen the version with the "Order" function, write down what they want to order and show it to the waiter, or send the order to your order management of your table management application.

3. Good Appetite

At this point your customer will receive your delicacies without even thinking about the anxieties due to contact with their own hands on things that other customers could previously have touched.

Your digital menu will always be sparkling, captivating, welcoming, clean.

The benefits of Sofortspeisekarte

The benefits of Sofortspeisekarte

  • It does not need installations
  • It is not a prepackaged App
  • It is not a simple pdf
  • It does not require a particular type of Smartphone
  • It has no development limits
  • It does not require expert users with the App
  • It has no linguistic limits
  • Immediately available for everyone
  • It is fully customizable
  • It is captivating and interactive
  • It can be consulted on all types of computers, tablets and smartphones
  • It is adaptable to your needs
  • It is simple and intuitive to use
  • It can be translated into the languages you want


    A digital menu is an attractive design element as well as functional.

    Avoid using paper. (you are not obliged to print nor to worry about how many copies you really need)

    You can share it on social networks or offer it via newsletter to your customers.

    Easy updates. Always updated proposals and prices.

    Whenever an item or price changes you have to spend money to update all menus. 

    The saddest and least productive thing in a restaurant is to see menus with cancellations and revised prices.  

    With an Electronic menu just a few operations are enough to update all the items, just make the changes to transmit them to all devices.

    Ability to propose a different menu weekly, without worrying about printing costs.

    Online and always available.

    Your customers will be able to consult it directly from their own smartphone, this will prevent your customers from touching a menu that others have just touched, avoiding their anxieties of being infected (see Covid-19).

    The menu is always clean and sparkling - users can use their new smartphone to read the menu instead of an old menu used by many people.

    They will not have to wait at the table to receive the menu, just read the QR code with their smartphone, to consult it comfortably online. First of all they will have more space on the table.

    At the same time, there is a menu for everyone - no need to print stacks of menus and users don't have to wait their turn to read the menu.

    Everyone can get their own copy of the menu, even if they sit at a large table.

    The menu is always available, during the entire meal and users do not have to ask the waiter to bring it: for example they can open the menu as soon as they sit down or they can start reading the desserts during the meal.

    Compared to traditional menus, digital menus are more accessible. For people with low vision, it is easier to read a digital menu than a printed menu. They can also use zoom and other assistive technologies.

    Finally, translations are easier. The digital menu your customers see is completely written by you in your language, but your digital menu can easily be set up in the languages you want.